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Hi! Hei! Moro!

Here’s a few pieces of news that may be of interest to You as a registered user of open transport data in Tampere.

Apps4Pirkanmaa Developer Workshop Tue 7.10. Welcome! Welcome to the Apps4Pirkanmaa 2014 workshop to learn about open data and interfaces, meet and discuss with people. Once again, there are new open data sources available for mobility apps, and ITS Factory is there to introduce those in the event. Event is free of charge. Please register at

Changes forthcoming in Tampere SIRI Heads up, all the application owners and other SIRI data users! There will be changes in SIRI services in Tampere public transport already during the following months, affecting several APIs as listed in According to the current plan, the old APIs remain in use during a transition period (estimated to last few months). Further documentation and planned schedule of the changes will be available at the wiki pages soon. The SIRI real-time service will continue to follow the SIRI standard version 1.3. The changes will include changes e.g. to SIRI fields: LineRef,DatedVehicleJourneyRef and OnwardCalls.

Finnish national mobility app competition: Apps4Mobility (Deadline 3.11) Apps4Finland contest includes this year also a special mobility related app competition Apps4Mobility. The best applications utilizing open mobility data are rewarded – the prizes total 11 000 € (1st 6000€, 2nd 3000 €, 3rd € 2,000) in addition to which applications can be rewarded in other Apps4Finland categories. Apps4Mobility final winners will be announced in Apps4Finland award gala 03 Dec 2014. City of Tampere and ITS Factory are among the organizers of the competition, together with Forum Virium Helsinki, Open Knowledge Finland, Finnish Transport Agency, Trafi, HSL, City of Oulu and City of Jyväskylä. Take a closer look (in Finnish):

New open API: Bus Stops in Finland Finnish Transport Agency gathers data concerning bus stops across the country by contacting authorities from municipalities and other regional transport agencies. The bus stop database has earlier been available only to limited user groups. Now, the national bus stop database is being released every week as open data in zip format. The file dump is already available at: Some regions have not been not able to provide the bus stop data, but the missing data will be included in the releases in the near future.

New open API: Tampere Journeys The new Journeys API allows developers and clients to access information on public transport lines, routes, stops and schedules, i.e. information that normally can be found in the GTFS dump file. Journey API also includes information about the tariff zones, that just recently were introduced to Tampere region public transport. Documentation can be found at:

New version: TRE API A new version (1.0.3) of the TRE API has been released. This version will contain some updates and improvements: default response format is now JSON instead of text. The new version will be available for use right away, and on the morning of Thursday 2nd October it will gain production status. If you wish to continue using older version (1.0.2) it is possible. Relevant URL’s: and (valid until 2nd October). More information:

Any questions, comments, worries or proposals, please contact me. Also if you want to discuss further about current of future possibilities, let’s have a call or meet f-2-f!

On behalf of City of Tampere and ITS Factory,


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Date: 29-Sep-2014

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