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===Basic Information===
===Basic Information===
Data formats: ESRI, XML<br/>
Data formats: ESRI, XML<br/>
Standard: tbd<br/>
Standard: -<br/>
Availability: 200X<br/>
Availability: 200X<br/>
Maintainance: Finnish Transport Agency<br/>
Maintainance: Finnish Transport Agency<br/>
Licence: tbd<br/>
Licence: CC 4.0<br/>
===Data scope===
===Data scope===

Latest revision as of 14:29, 28 June 2018

Digiroad is a national database which contains precise and accurate data on the location of all roads and streets in Finland as well as their most important physical features (covering a total of 483,000 km or 300,000 miles).

[edit] Basic Information

Data formats: ESRI, XML
Standard: -
Availability: 200X
Maintainance: Finnish Transport Agency
Licence: CC 4.0

[edit] Data scope

  • All roads, streets and ferry lines in Finland
  • Covering a total of 483,000 km.

[edit] Data contents

  • Centre line geometry of the transport network: vehicle-accessible roads, ferry and cable ferry connections, railways, pedestrian routes and cycle routes.
  • Traffic-related attribute data: traffic element attributes, traffic restrictions and other road and street network features.
  • Other transport system objects, e.g. services.

[edit] Access constraints

  • Access given by request.
  • Digiroad customers are charged extraction costs.

[edit] API access


[edit] Access request

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