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'''4. Developer contacts in ITS Factory:'''
'''4. Developer contacts in ITS Factory:'''
Primary contact: <b>dev-support@itsfactory.fi </b> (maintained by Joonas, Juha and Ulla).
<b>Primary contact: dev-support@itsfactory.fi </b> which is maintained by Joonas, Juha and Ulla.
Joonas Dukpa<br/>
Joonas Dukpa<br/>

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1. Join the ITS Factory mailing list at itsfactory.fi [1]

2. Send feedback / ideas through the web form or email dev-support@itsfactory.fi.

3. Register as an ITS Factory Developer via contacts below

  • Get full access to open traffic data at the ITS Factory
  • Get developer level access to many private traffic data sources
  • Get access to ITS Factory Wiki 'restricted' developer pages (e.g. additional information on private data sources)
  • Get author rights to ITS Factory Wiki (Ohjeita)
  • Join ITS Factory Developer events.

4. Developer contacts in ITS Factory:

Primary contact: dev-support@itsfactory.fi (maintained by Joonas, Juha and Ulla).

Joonas Dukpa
Open Data Specialist / City of Tampere
Mobile phone: + 358 40 8063245
E-mail: joonas.dukpa@tampere.fi

Juha Lundan
Technical Support for ITS Factory / Frostwoods Oy
E-mail: juha.lundan@frostwoods.cc

Ulla Nieminen
Events and Marketing for ITS Factory / Hermia Group
Mobile phone: +358 50 588 3181
E-mail: ulla.nieminen@newfactory.fi

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