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Hi! Hei! Moro! Happy New Year!

Here’s a few pieces of news that may be of interest to You as a registered user of open transport and traffic data in Tampere.

Financing available for Open data and Open API based business proposals! Eager to materialize your ideas? Willing to launch an innovative app or create a startup? The time is now. There are 80 Million euros waiting for you. Please introduce yourself to the following opportunities to get financing for your projects: Especially SOUL-FI and FrontierCities are something to be considered: (note deadline February 16th, 2015), More information and support available here (in Finnish):

Traffic Lights: Open data and APIs - let us know what you need! As part of a new traffic lights control system that is being installed, the city of Tampere is now planning to provide open data and APIs concerning traffic lights. Do you have any ideas what kind of traffic lights data you could use in your business, applications or projects? These are available already now: 1) locations of street crossings with traffic lights, 2) locations of the traffic lights, 3) locations of the traffic light sensors, 4) basic information about each traffic light post and sensor. These kind of traffic lights data/APIs could be opened: 1) number of vehicles passing the sensors, 2) current state of traffic light, 3) current status of the sensors (buttons, inductive loops, infrared, cameras), 4) traffic statistics, 5) current program.

Please let us know what data sources you could find useful, and possibly what kind of development ideas you may have. Send your proposals to Thanks!

No new data sources launched since last Newsletter Sorry 

Any questions, comments, worries or proposals, please contact me. Also if you want to discuss further about current of future possibilities, let’s have a call or meet f-2-f!

On behalf of City of Tampere and ITS Factory,


You receive this newsletter as a registered as a user of open transport data in Tampere (+ some other selected/volunteered subscribers). Support for the developers and other users of the data is given by ITS Factory, a network of city, companies and universities in the Tampere region: “ITS Factory is a new innovation, experimentation and development environment, where companies and individual developers can develop, test and productize smart traffic solutions.” If you want to learn more about ITS Factory and open transport data in general, please visit: For any questions or comments (or requesto to unsubscribe) please contact me, or send the question to

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