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Hi! Hei! Moro!

Here’s a few pieces of news that may be of interest to You as a registered user of open transport data in Tampere.

Regional public transport in Tampere region will start on 30 June 2014, new schedule and route data for Apps now available!

Public transport organised jointly between eight municipalities in the Tampere region will start on 30 June 2014.

You can now find the updated GTFS file with new route information and timetables for summer period (30.06.2014 - 10.08.2014) from site: The latest file is with title: The GTFS file can be used by the applications directly or browsed with tools like Google Schedule viewer:

More information about the changes in Tampere region public transport:

Apps4Pirkanmaa App competition launched!

Apps4Pirkanmaa 2014 competition encourages innovation on open data. The deadline for submissions is 14-Sep. There will be several competition categories and special challenges. The entries will be listed in Trello, where developers can get comments and improvement ideas already before the deadline.

One of the on-going Apps4Pirkanmaa challenges is ‘Visualize Mobility in Tampere and win 1000€’. The deadline for this challenge has been extended to cover the whole competition period until 14-Sep.

More information:

New open data source: Traffic announcements from Tampere traffic control center.

The city of Tampere opened new open data API on traffic announcements: roadworks, accidents and other incidents that affect road traffic. These announcement complement the national announcements given by the Finnist Transport Agency (Liikennevirasto). The announcements are published in an international DATEX-II format. More information about the API:

Any questions, comments, worries or proposals, please contact me. Also if you want to discuss further about current of future possibilities, let’s have a call or meet f-2-f!

Have a nice summertime!

On behalf of City of Tampere and ITS Factory,


You receive this newsletter as a registered as a user of open transport data in Tampere. Support for the developers and other users of the data is given by ITS Factory, a network of city, companies and universities in the Tampere region: “ITS Factory is a new innovation, experimentation and development environment, where companies and individual developers can develop, test and productize smart traffic solutions.” If you want to learn more about ITS Factory and open transport data in general, please visit: For any questions or comments, please contact me, or send the question to

-- ITS Factory Development devITS | | | University of Tampere / SIS / Smart Traffic Business Development | 050-5262920

Date: 27-Jun-2014

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