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* [[HSL_Reittiopas|HSL Reittiopas]]
* [[HSL_Reittiopas|HSL Reittiopas]]
* [[HSL_Live|HSL Live]]
* [[HSL_Live|HSL Live]]
* [[http://bussit.nanona.fi/tre Reaaliaikanäkymä Nanona]]
* <i>Send email to dev-support@itsfactory to add your app here!</i>
* <i>Send email to dev-support@itsfactory to add your app here!</i>
* [[:Category:Applications|Read more...]]
* [[:Category:Applications|Read more...]]

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ITS Factory is a new innovation, experimentation and development environment, where companies and individual developers can develop, test and productize smart traffic solutions.

Main page icon1.jpg Introduction

Main page icon1.jpg Community

Main page icon1.jpg Open Source Software

Main page icon1.jpg Applications

Main page icon1.jpg Public Transport APIs

Main page icon1.jpg Other Traffic APIs

Main page icon1.jpg Other Traffic Data Sources

Main page icon1.jpg Geodata APIs

Main page icon1.jpg Weather APIs

Main page icon1.jpg Rest

  • tbd

Main page icon1.jpg In cooperation with...

  • Infotripla
  • Mattersoft
  • CGI
  • Wapice
  • Frostwoods
  • Cybercom
  • Vaisala
  •

Main page icon1.jpg More Information

ITS Factory Resources

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Web page: itsfactory.fi

  • Organisation overview and main activities
  • Contact information

Developer wiki: wiki.itsfactory.fi

  • Data catalog of public and private data sources
  • Developer documentation

Data itsfactory fi tiny.jpg
Data sources: data.itsfactory.fi

  • Data and APIs published through ITS Factory data server

Dev itsfactory fi tiny.jpg
Developer sandbox: dev.itsfactory.fi

  • Gallery of applications running in sandbox

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