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Digitraffic is a service offering real time and historical information and data about the traffic on the Finnish main roads. Open Digitraffic will be launched in spring 2014. The service is now in beta testing stage.

Basic Information

Data format: XML
Standard: -
Availability: P3/2014
Maintainance: Finnish Transport Agency
Licence: CC 4.0

Data scope

Digitraffic data covers Finnish main roads and congested road stretches around the biggest cities. Also the most important roads leading to Russian border in south-east Finland are covered. The data sources are:

  • Travel Time System (collects travel time data from about 300 road links by camera technology and automatic licence plate recognisation (ALPR) method)
  • Automatic measuring devices (LAM) of the Finnish Transport Agency (250 automatic measuring devices collect data about traffic amounts and speeds by the induction loops embedded in the road surface)
  • Road weather stations (350 stations measure temperature of air and relative moisture, dew point temperature, rain, wind, road surface)
  • Road surface pictures (pictures from weather and traffic cameras give information about the state of road surface and about traffic situation of the road)
  • Road traffic centers produce information about incidents, roadworks and frost heaves.

Data contents

  • Current journey times
  • Current fluency data
  • History data for previous day
  • Average medians for previous day
  • Current data from LAM stations
  • Current free flow speeds
  • Current road weather station data: air temperature, relative moisture, dew point temperature, rain, wind, road surface sensor data
  • Status of road stations
  • Camera presets
  • Road weather forecasts
  • Incident information (roadworks, accidents, bad weather) from the road traffic centers.

Access constraints

  • Open Digitraffic does not require the creation of an account. Use is free of charge. Service provider reserves the right to change permissions.
  • There is also Pro Digitraffic web service, which requires an agreement with Finnish Transport Agency (FTA).

API access

See documentation for each data source from:

Access request

  • Open Digitraffic does not require the creation of an account.

More information

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