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City of Tampere offers access right to Tampere Reittiopas API (Journey Planner) interface, when application or service supports public transport usage and transport information availability.

[edit] Basic Information

Data format: XML/JSON
Standard: -
Availability: 9/2012
Maintainance: Tampere City Public Transport
Licence: Tampere City Open Data License

[edit] Data scope

Tampere bus routes and traffic. Cycling routes.

[edit] Data contents

  • Bus stops geocoding
  • Points of interest (POI) geocoding
  • Reverse geocoding of bus stops and POIs
  • Routing between two points
  • Search for the bus stop’s timetable
  • Cycling routes.

[edit] Access constraints

  • Access given by request.
  • Use is free of charge.
  • Distribution and re-use of the data is allowed.
  • Due limited service capacity, queries of one account is limited to max. 5000 weighted query in one hour.

[edit] API access


[edit] Access request


[edit] More information


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