Tampere Parking DATEX2

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Finnpark DATEX2 web service provides data from parking facilities in Tampere.

Basic Information

Data format: XML
Standard: DATEXII
Availability: Available from Feb-2015
Maintainance: Finnpark Oy
Licence: tbd

Data scope

Tampere parking facilities

Data contents

  • DATEXII-service:

Access constraints

  • Use is free of charge.
  • Distribution and re-use of the data is allowed.

API access

Access request

  • Use open Finnpark open data is free and free of charge.

More information

  • There is also available more extensive DATEXII access to parking data upon agreement with Finnpark, including (request details from Finnpark):

a) more detailed facility parameters (capacity, structure, payment, services, max. vehicle sizes, etc.) b) more detailed occupancy information c) occupancy forecast d) similar data from street parking e) similar data from other cities in Finland.

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