Tampere Public Transport SIRI Interface (Static)

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Tampere City Public Transport provides standard SIRI interface to the static information on Tampere City bus timetables. There is also another, realtime SIRI interface that will provide the realtime data on bus locations, and estimated timetables for buses and stops.

updated 4.12.2014

Basic Information

Data format: XML
Standard: SIRI
Availability: Available
Maintainance: Tampere City Public Transport/Infotripla Oy
Licence: Tampere City Open Data License/ITS Factory

Data scope

Tampere bus traffic.

Data contents

  • SIRI-service: Production Timetable (PT)
  • SIRI-service: Stop Timetable (ST)

Access constraints

  • Access given by all ITS Factory wiki users.
  • Use is free of charge.
  • Distribution and re-use of the data is allowed.
  • only server to server access is allowed

API access

Access request

Account requests to SIRI interface: Sposti.png

More information

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