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Project ideas

Tourism Tracker

A bit similar service to Sports Tracker[1] or Nomadi by Citynomadi[2] but enhanced with the City Navigator[3] functionality. For example, a person travles to a city and wants to take a 45 min walk. She takes a look at the Tourism Tracker app in her phone. There is one particularly interesting route created by a tourist that visited the city earlier but it is not next to her hotel. The app gives good navigation instructions, so she gets to the route succesfully, enjoys the route and gets back to the hotel. Afterwards, she recommends the route to other app users and also shares the experience on facebook to her friends.

There are various tourism applications available, so good research on existing services and apps should be done. Also, if this service is not implemented by a company that can fit it to their existing business model then, for a startup, the business model as well as other parts of the business plan are important to consider carefully.

This idea was presented in the HSL Developer Day on 16.5.2013.

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