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Why ITS Factory needs developers

The city of Tampere is planning to make several sets of traffic data open for private and commercial use, including public transport, traffic flow and parking data. The intention is that the open data would enable creation of new applications, products and services that will serve the citizens, business customers and the public sector, but also will provide new business opportunities for the companies.

There are several companies involved in collecting the data from buses, traffic sensors, parking houses and other sources. In May 2012, these companies working on Intelligent Transport Systems have formed a cooperation network ITS Factory at Tampere. One of the objectives of the network is to accelerate creation of new businesses based on the open traffic data. The network is also working to create a test area for Intelligent Transport Systems that can be used to pilot new ITS innovations.

This questionnaire is targeted to developers who could be interested in developing applications, products or services based on open traffic data.

What traffic data are you interested in?

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