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Standard data formats used in ITS Factory

The following data format standards supported by the ITS Factory will provide a convenient way of using traffic information and enable scalability of services

DATEX II provides a standardized way of communicating and exchanging traffic information between traffic centers to enable better management of road network. It covers a wide range of content describing travel times, weather conditions, road infrastructure status, incidents and accidents, and traffic related measurements.

SIRI Service Interface for Real Time Information specifies how to exchange information about the planned, current or projected performance of real-time public transport operations.

GTFS General Transit Feed Specification can be used to exchange static transit data. Industry standard by Google.

WFS The Web Feature Service (WFS) offers direct fine-grained access to geographic information at the feature and feature property level.

WMS The OpenGIS® Web Map Service Interface Standard (WMS) provides a simple HTTP interface for requesting geo-registered map images from one or more distributed geospatial databases.

Main ITS standardization organizations and activities

Main forums for ITS Standardization are ISO TC 204, CEN TC 278 and ETSI TC ITS and their structure is presented in the following table.

WG1 Architecture WG1 Electronic fee collection and access control (EFC) WG1 Application Requirements and Services
WG3 ITS Database Technologies WG2 Freight, Logistics and Commercial Vehicle Operations WG2 Architecture and Cross Layer
WG4 Automatic vehicle and equipment identification WG3 Public transport (PT) WG3 Transport and Network
WG5 Fee and toll collection WG4 Traffic and traveller information (TTI) WG4 Media and Medium related
WG7 General fleet management and commercial/freight WG8 Road traffic data (RTD) WG5 Security
WG8 Public transport/emergency WG9 Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC)
WG9 Integrated transport information, management and control WG10 Man-machine interfaces (MMI)
WG10 Traveller information systems WG12 Automatic Vehicle Identification and Automatic Equipment Identification (AVI/AEI)
WG11 Route guidance and navigation systems WG13 Architecture and terminology
WG14 Vehicle/roadway warning and control systems WG14 After theft systems for the recovery of stolen vehicles
WG15 Dedicated short range communications for TICS applications WG15 eSafety
WG16 Wide area communications/protocols and interfaces WG16 Co-operative systems
WG17 Nomadic Devices in ITS Systems
WG18 Cooperative systems

Following table summarizes the key facts related to these groups.

Scope Broad scope covering various ITS technologies including also co-operative ITS Broad scope covering various ITS technologies including also co-operative ITS Co-operative ITS (C2X, car-to-car, car-to-infra, infra-to-car communication)
Type of publications ISO Standards, ISO/PAS Publicly Available Specifications, ISO/TS Technical Specifications, IWA International Workshop Agreements, ISO Guides European standards, technical specifications and technical reports European standards, ETSI standards, technical specifications, technical reports, ETSI guides, special reports and group specifications
National coordination YTL (Yleinen Teollisuuslitto) YTL Ficora
Participation Via YTL Via YTL Open for all ETSI members. ETSI membership is open to all companies.
Access to documentation Restricted Restricted Open for all ETSI members

For more information about ITS Standardization please contact Jari Jokela,, +358504860445.

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