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Tampere City Public Transport provides GTFS feed for the Tampere City buses. GTFS file is publiched throught ITS Factory data service at https://data.itsfactory.fi.

Basic Information

Data format: GTFS
Standard: GTFS
Availability: released 9.4.2013, updated regularly
Maintainance: Tampere City Public Transport
Licence: Tampere City Open Data License

Data scope

Tampere bus traffic.

Data contents

  • According to GTFS specification:
    • agency.txt - Required - Transit agency that provides the data in this feed: Tampereen joukkoliikenne.
    • stops.txt - Required Individual locations where vehicles pick up or drop off passengers.
    • routes.txt - Required - Transit routes. A route is a group of trips that are displayed to riders as a single service.
    • trips.txt - Required - Trips for each route. A trip is a sequence of two or more stops that occurs at specific time.
    • stop_times.txt - Required - Times that a vehicle arrives at and departs from individual stops for each trip.
    • calendar.txt - Required - Dates for service IDs using a weekly schedule. Specify when service starts and ends, as well as days of the week where service is available.
    • calendar_dates.txt - Optional - Exceptions for the service IDs defined in the calendar.txt file. If calendar_dates.txt includes ALL dates of service, this file may be specified instead of calendar.txt.
    • shapes.txt - Optional - Rules for drawing lines on a map to represent a transit organization's routes.
  • These GTFS data are not available in Tampere:
    • fare_attributes.txt - Optional - Fare information for a transit organization's routes.
    • fare_rules.txt - Optional - Rules for applying fare information for a transit organization's routes.
    • frequencies.txt - Optional - Headway (time between trips) for routes with variable frequency of service.
    • transfers.txt - Optional - Rules for making connections at transfer points between routes.
    • feed_info.txt - Optional - Additional information about the feed itself, including publisher, version, and expiration information.

Access constraints

  • Use is free of charge.
  • Distribution and re-use of the data is allowed.

API access


Access request

Open access at https://data.itsfactory.fi

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