Tampere Parking DATEX2

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Finnpark DATEX2 web service provides data from parking facilities in Tampere.

Basic Information

Data format: XML
Standard: DATEXII
Availability: Available from Feb-2015
Maintainance: Finnpark Oy
Licence: tbd

Data scope

Tampere parking facilities

Data contents

  • Parking facility basic information: location, name, address
    • DATEXII Parking Extension: parkingFacilityTablePublication
  • Parking facility status information: open, closed, spacesAvailable, almostFull, fullAtEntrance, full, statusUnknown, normalParkingConditionsSuspended and specialParkingConditionsInForce
    • DATEXII Parking Extension: parkingFacilityTableStatusPublication

Access constraints

  • Use of open data is free of charge.

API access

Access request

  • Direct access, no keys needed to access open data.

More information

  • There is also available more extensive DATEXII access to parking data upon agreement with Finnpark, including (details from Finnpark):
    • more detailed facility parameters (capacity, structure, payment, services, max. vehicle sizes, etc.)
    • more detailed occupancy information
    • occupancy forecast
    • similar data from street parking
    • similar data from other cities in Finland.
  • User documentation