Tampere traffic lights API

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Tampere City provides traffic light data interface.

updated '27-11-2020'

Basic Information

Data format: REST/JSON
Standard: Traffic volume only Datex2
Availability: Available
Maintainance: Tampere City/Swarco/Infotripla Oy
Licence: Tampere City Open Data License/ITS Factory

Data scope

Tampere City street network

Data contents

Traffic volume, queue, wait time,

Access constraints

  • Use is free of charge.
  • Distribution and re-use of the data is allowed.
  • only server to server access is allowed

API access


API is normally accessible only in Finland. If you want to use it also from abroad, contact SPosti2.png

Meta Data files

trafficlights.tampere.fi >>

  • trafficVolume.csv
  • congestion.csv
  • waitTime.csv
  • Interserction images (folder)
  • Location information
  • Device states (see section 1 Grint states)


More information

Help and support: SPosti2.png


coming soon..