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ITS Factory is a new innovation, experimentation and development environment, where companies and individual developers can develop, test and productize traffic solutions.

ITS Factory’s objective is to accelerate the development of traffic related products and services by:

  • opening public traffic data sources for products and services developers
  • providing support for the developer community
  • implementing standard interfaces that enable sharing the applications and services across the cities
  • collecting feedback and requests about new data sources and APIs
  • creating a roadmap of the forthcoming data and APIs.

Open data and interfaces

Open data is an important enabler for the new products and services. The city of Tampere is now planning to make several traffic data sets open for private and commercial use, including public transport, traffic flow and parking data. The intention is that the open data would enable creation of new applications, products and services that will serve the citizens, business customers and the public sector, but also will provide new business opportunities for the companies.

In addition to the city of Tampere, there are several companies in the ITS Factory involved in collecting the data from buses, traffic sensors, parking houses and other sources. They implement access to the raw traffic data through standardized interfaces. More advanced data sets are also provided by Traffic Information Providers, enabling even more applications and services. Those can include e.g. routing service for public transportation, traffic monitoring or traffic flow prediction.

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